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Idaho Circle MNS Project -"The Number"

Recall the 15' full pipe in Hailey, Idaho? Yes, its spectacular. But it is also a long drive from western Oregon, 9-10 hours. So it would be a shame to go all that way and not make the loop. No sweat, the SkateOregon Research Team understands. You don't need big balls to make the loop, you need science! People have gone to the moon on science, certainly science can help us ride four wheels around a circle in Idaho.

The goal of Idaho Circle Minimum Necessary Speed Project was to deliver a single number to Congressional Members of the Mathematics Public Recreation Committee of the United States which answers the question: How do you make the loop? "The Number" is a distillation of laws of physics, general assumptions and alignment of many donuts into a single miles per hour velocity at the loop's apex for a 170 pound individual to endotrace the Full Pipe in Hailey, Idaho.

The Number

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The Idaho Circle MNS Project -"The Number" is available as a Ready Made Report™ pdf file (636 kb)

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