An individual wrote me December 6th with the following message about the Tigard Skate Park.

Dear Sam,
I'd like to inform you a bit more about the park design and fundraising efforts for
the Tigard Skatepark.  It is a 25,000 sq ft park with mostly street elements such as
the 4 different sets of stairs located strategically around it. There are also elements
for bowl/vert skaters like the . There are flat and round rails/bars/hand rails/coping/angled
iron in the park and many different types of banks and trannies. It is going to be insane. 
I have included an attachment for the architectural design of the park. It was designed by
Purkiss-Rose specifically for us in Tigard. We are currently laying down the foundation to
have a movie premier in our town. It'll be put on by Trove Productions, a seattle based
movie proucer who is giving 100% of the profits to the task force for the skate park. 
thank you for your interest. persons of all interests will be allowed: Skaters, Bladers,
and Bikers. Here is the park plan as PDF file

                                                Sincerely yours,
                                                                Name withheld until permission is granted.

The City of Tigard Skate Park Task Force website is http://www.ci.tigard.or.us/city_hall/boards_committees/skateboard/.

The following is an excerpt from the Task Force's website: If you have any questions or would like to get involved, please contact:
Task Force Chairman, Rich Carlson by e-mail rich@teleport.com or phone 503-224-0871 or
Tigard Parks Manager, Daniel Plaza by e-mail daniel@ci.tigard.or.us or phone 503-639-4171, ext. 2590