The beginings of the Albany skatepark root to a voice in 1990.  Not much happened for about six years, but then two years of serious effort precipitated the immaculate Albany skatepark in November 1999.  Built by the great Oregon skatepark pioneers, Eric Dawkins and company, the gorgeous park is smooth and big.  The community raised $275,000, all private donations.  From what I understand there was not a dime of city money, an outstanding example of community effort!

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Overview facing 6th Ave.                       The bowl is 8' and the far right wall is 9'.

Creators:  Eric Dawkins & Company

Size:  About 15,000 square feet

Cost:  $275,000

Time:  November 11, 1999

Rules:  Unknown

Facilities:  Fountain, shade, picnic tables, bathroom.

Location:  City Park, 1375 SE Sixth St (+ Pine St)

Directions:  From I-5 south take the first Albany exit #234B (Hwy 99E) and drive south along Pacific Blvd.  Go right on Santiam Road and in a few blocks go left on Pine.  The park is on the right at 1375 Sixth Ave. SE.

  From I-5 north take the Santiam Road/99E exit and head west on Santiam.  Follow for a mile or so and a few blocks after the four lane, one way street Pacific Blvd, go left on Pine.  Look right, the park is at 1375 Sixth Ave SE.

Map:  Big JPG Image

City Contact:
        City Website
        City Hall  333 Broadalbin SW Albany, OR 97321-0144   Phone: (541) 917-7500
        Albany Parks and Recreation: (541) 917-7777

History:  An old newspaper article:

Overview facing Santiam Road.  The coping is very well done.

Paul Howard bringing out a Bertleman Slide.

Casey going over the wall.  He placed first.

Jolene Burch representing for the female skaters of Albany.

 Flying Ricky Young.

Nick Claro railslides a clever skate structure.  The rail's legs sit in pvc tubes so its height can be adjusted!

No height adjustment needed for Josh Bohmker's big hops.

The sign and donor bricks.