It is a rad and versatile park with strong and talented locals.  It has a mini snake run, three pyramids one with a rail, a dot, lots of coping, a single 6' bowl, a tall "punk wall" (aka a jersey barrier) and a connected set of three bowls ranging from 4-9'.  Folks are able to get whirling in the connected bowls, launching every which way they choose.

Creators:  Eric Dawkins, Great American Skateparks

Time: January 1, 1999   

Size:   ~ 15,000

Cost: ~ $125,000

Rules:  Sunrise to Sunset, Bikes allowed.

Facilities:  Bathroom, Supervisor (summer), fountain.

Location:  Water Street and Hersey Street.   On the south side of I-5, alongside a creek.

Directions:    There are a couple ways to arrive at Ashland's skatepark.
  Here is only one:  From I-5 take Exit #19 and go south on Valley View.  Take the first left at Eagle Mill Road and follow it's curves for a mile or two.  Where Eagle Mill kind of forks, go right on Oak Street and over the bridge.  Follow Oak through the residential and at the first stop sign, go right on E. Hersey Street.   You'll see the skatepark on your left almost immediately.  Go left on Water Street and park.


City Contact:  City Website

City Hall
20 East Main St
Ashland, OR 97520
Phone 541-488-6002

History: Before the park was built, there was a lot of interest in downhill skateboarding.  Full community effort spanning many years.

Overall:  8 out of 10

Special:  "In honor of Ashland's young citizens whose vision and dedication inspired the creation of Ashland's Community Skate Park."

Expansion:  I found a city Minutes from Parks and Recreation dated February 25, 2002 and it speaks of new additions to the Garfield Skate Park.  I am unsuew if this is the same park photographed here.  Here is a link to the minutes.
If that doesn't work here is a copy and pasted version.

Morgan Minor launching out of the bowl and onto the backside of the punk wall, pow!

.                .
Will Thompson gets gnarly off the punk wall.                                                             Dan Moore coming down from a nice big ollie.

back bowl


A steep but thoughtful addition (~3' high).

This is the best coping detail I've seen.  Que intelligente!

Check out the curve of the coping at left.  Oh la la.  Kari Olandese, over it all.

.   .
Keenan adjusts the contrast.                                                                        Morgan 50-50s one of the blocks leading to the snake run.

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