Tapiola Park

With hardly a whisper, Dreamland has finished another butter smooth creation.
And once again Dreamland has pushed design boundaries further.

Dreamland is rad, super super rad.
They are unafraid to build it big and crazy.  They are unafraid to build it right.  They are unafraid to put up a 12'+ wall.  How about a double pump bump in a quarter pipe?  How about a mini cradle-like cave?  Try the red rail, a perpendicular sibling of Newberg's dragon rail.  It undulates side to side.

Here are a few preliminary photos.
The park is open.  Congratulations to the City of Astoria and Dreamland.

Creators: Dreamland

History:  See below.

Size: 11,000 square feet

Cost:  $171,000 from City of Astoria, grants and Community donations

Rules:  Sunrise to Sunset, No bikes -though there is debate-, Helmets

Facilities:  Portable toilet

Location:  Tapiola Park,  900 West Marine Drive (and S. Denver Ave).  West Marine is also Hwy 101 Business Route.  Park is on south side of town.

Directions:  From Hwy 101, go east on Marine Drive / 101 Business route.  Then at Dairy Queen, left on S. Denver Ave.


City ContactCity Website

        City Hall  1095 Duane St.   Astoria, Oregon  97103      (503) 325-5821

        Astoria Parks and Recreation:  (503) 325-7275

The Board Room  skate shop is in downtown Astoria.  I am unable to find their address and tele.
Holler if you have it.

Riders 1

Riders 2

Riders 3

Park Details