Brian Haney Memorial Skatepark

This park was built in memory of Brian Haney,
a young man who was killed in a car accident on his way
to go skating in Salem in 1997.  The park carries his name well.

Creators:  Dreamland Skateparks

Time:  Winter 2000

Size:   approx. 8,000 square feet        "It's 12 pockets big"  -Pete Ingraham

Cost:  $230,000

Rules:  No bikes

Facilities:  Lights (open 24 hours a day!!!!), bathroom, fountain, creek.

Location:  Main St and 13th

  From I-5, take exit #253 and go east on Hwy 22.  In about 8 miles you will see signs for Aumsville.
  Once in town, head southwest on Main St.  The town is small and the skatepark is centrally located.

Here are some directions from the City's site:


City Contact:
        City Website
        Aumsville City Hall   595 Main Street  Aumsville, Oregon  97325

History:  "THE SKATEPARK IS A REALITY         The Brian Haney Memorial Skatepark is becoming a dream come true starting with the groundbreaking ceremony on August 9th.  The Dreamland Skateparks team is creating our new state-of-the art skatepark.  The city donated the land and $10,000.  The Oregon National Guard donated labor and equipment for excavation and drainage work.  Oregon Parks and Recreation Department awarded a $120,750 grant towards the skatepark and new restroom facility that will also be constructed in Mill Creek Park.  Cascade High School students Matt Noack, Joey Case, Timothy Austin and Scott Sparkman are donating labor.  The Aumsville Skatepark Committee, Cascade Progress Team, Garden Club, business owners and citizens of the Aumsville area have donated time, money, materials and purchased bricks and t-shirts to support this exciting project." - Aumsville Newsletter,  September 2000
   Respect to Theresa Voorhis as she contributed endlessly to this park as well.

    There are two design qualities of Aumsville that merit international attention, flow and blending.
        The park is a definition of flow.
            Every part of the park is easily accesible, it has no dead ends or ghosts (an area rarely ridden).
            Near heights are appropriately proportioned and pockets slingshot momentum to one another.
        Aumsville is a vert park, no question, but it does not rely on typical vert patterns of pool and half pipe, it is
        a blend of both.  Working examples of this blend in this time are rare, if not unique to Dreamland.
    It is deepest at 9' and shallowest at 3', giving everyone a go.
   Enough deck space to skate past those waiting to drop in.

    The transitions are long (in radius) and consistent.  The coping is without kinks or knots and set equally throughout the park.  Invisible concrete seams.

Overall Assesment:  10 out of 10.  This park is a diamond.  Pure magic.

Sage Bolyard


Jason Storie

The kink in the coping at bottom of photo is from splicing two photos together.