Burns & Hines

The cities are next to each other and working on a single skatepark together.

Here is a proposal from Linda Jerofke.


The skateboard part proposal developed out of a group of concerned citizens in the neighboring cities of Hines and Burns, Oregon.  The group was concerned about the youth in our community who do not have an adequate forum for their free time.  The organization developed during 1999 as youth in our community started speaking out for the need for a safe and healthy outlet for their energies.  Many of the youth experienced personal loss in 1999 as they saw several of their friends and schoolmates lose faith and hope and eventually took their lives.  This sadness woke up our rural community and pointed to the need for more youth activities that would be available to everyone in this area.

The purpose of the project is to develop a skateboard park in the city of Hines, Oregon.  The park would be available to all of the people in the cities of Hines and Burns, Oregon along with individuals living in the outlying areas of Harney County.  Both Hines and Burns are the major shopping areas for Harney County and are regularly visited by individuals living throughout the county.

Youth in the community are the primary proponents of a skateboard park.  A large number of youth have skateboards and in-line skates in the community.  Yet, there is no where to safely participate in these sports.  Roads are not safe due to debris (rocks and dirt).  Businesses discourage the use of sidewalks and parking lots by the youth.  And there is a city ordinance against skateboarding on sidewalks.  The only alternative is the development of a skate park.  The park would be an important addition to city recreation facilities.

Children in this community need a healthy and safe outlet for their energies.  National statistics have shown that the health of Americaís children is declining due to an increase in obesity and lack of exercise.  The presence of the park, along with the promotion of it, would encourage childrenís use.  A national program is now encouraging Americans to get 30 minutes of exercise a day as part of a healthy lifestyle.

It is also an interest of the Friends of the Park to develop skateboard competitions.  This would promote both cities by bringing in business to the community.  People attending the competition would be staying in local motels and using other community facilities.  The competitions would also allow the youth to be directly involved in a community activity from start to finish.  Community children have indicated that they are interested in being directly involved in the competitions.

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Here's the information sheet on the skatepark.  Thanks for your help.  You can also put my email address on the Burns site for a contact.  I will
answer anybody's questions about the park.

Linda Jerofke
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