Carson Warner Memorial Park

Update: September 2007, from Anonymous

About the footnote for the Carson Warner skate park in Healdsburg, CA -

I didn't personally know Carson, but I grew up in Healdsburg, and was in the grade above (class of '00, so he would have been '01) when it happened. Lots of "friends of friends" were close to him, and they got together to raise funds in and around Healdsburg to build the park. It took about 3 or so years to get going. Check out - http://www.carsonwarnerskate.com/rem.html

Among fundraising methods were:
  • there were always the collection cans at Sports games, etc.
  • "Primus held a Carson Warner Memorial Concert in Petaluma [probably the Phoenix theatre] and packed a huge auditorium for the cause. The entire proceeds were donated totaling over $18,000!!"
  • "Huey Lewis donated a round of golf and a lunch with him that we auctioned off at a Rotary dinner."

  • Anyways, hope that helps (though you might know this site already)

    ...It's kinda hard to believe it's been at least 9-10 years since Carson's accident already.

    Thanks, Anonymous!

        Off Grove Street.

        From Highway 101, take the Dry Creek exit and head east.  At the Grove St four way stop (first turn available) go south/right.  Go for less than a mile (?) and watch for an easily missed left into parking lot.

      In July 2000 for about $50,000.  It is very well built and a good design.  Many people agree it is the best park near San Francisco.  Consistent transitions, a smidgen of vert, well spaced, diverse terrain and good coping all make this park great to ride.
      I hope to get more information on the young man, Carson Warner, for which the park is named.

      Full pads required and ENFORCED.  An officer stops by regularly and dishes out tickets by the bookfull.
      City Hall:  (707) 433-6916