It has ideas from the Vancouver, Washington skatepark.  The transistions are tight.

Creator:  Buzzy Morales and Corp Inc


Size:   About 11,000 square feet

Cost:  $360,000 !!!!!!!!

Rules: Bikes are not allowed

Facilities:  Fountain

Location:  At the very southwest end  NW Third Avenue.  A close cross street is N Baker Dr.   The railroad tracks are between the skate park and Hwy 99.

Directions:   From Highway 99, go north on S Elm St, then left/west on Third Avenue.  Follow third to the end of the road.


City Contact:  Canby
                                       Canby City Hall   182 N Holly Street    PO Box 930    Canby, Oregon    97013
                                                                (503) 266-4021

Overall:  4 outta 10

Comments:   There is no height to this park, soft and boring. The bowls were connected in the design but seperated in construction, a repeat offense.  Having identical but seperate bowls is a waste.  This is the most expensive park in the state of Oregon.

Special:  It is overlooking railroad tracksm giving a little frieght train inspiration once in a while.  Thanks to Beth Saul with Canby Parks and Recreation for her help and communication.

bmx, inline and skateboard people.

.   .
Chris Miller, coming and going

.       .
Indy                                                                                                                            Dakota Holland.  Note the tight transition.


Perdue, one hand, over everything.  Wait until he gets a motorcycle!