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photo courtesy City of Cottage Grove
photo courtesy R. Meyers, City of Cottage Grove









image courtesy City of Cottage Grove
image courtesy City of Cottage Grove

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Richard Meyers
Cottage Grove City Manager
400 E. Main Street
Cottage Grove, Oregon 97424
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Cottage Grove Sentenial editorial, September 22, 2004  link
The Cottage Grove Skatepark opened just over a month ago and it's seeing a lot of activity - including vandalism. The city, Cottage Grove Recreation Association, local businesses, community members, skateboarders and parents all donated hard work, time and effort to help build the $90,000 park located at Highway 99S and Fourth Street.

photo courtesy City of Cottage Grove
photo courtesy R. Meyers, City of Cottage Grove
The inception of the city's only skatepark started about three years ago and through the efforts of former Cottage Grove Recreation Director Bill Smillie, the city and community, Cottage Grove finally has a skatepark. It may not be in the best location or the biggest, but a park exists.

On any given day, the park is full of skateboarders out practicing their moves and enjoying what the park was meant for.

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City of Cottage Grove press release, March 24, 2004
Skate Park Project Underway

Since January 30, 2004 work on the Cottage Grove Skate Park has been suspended as a result of a determination from the Bureau of Labor and Industries that the project would be subject to State of Oregon Prevailing Wage requirements. The City had issued a stop work order to Cottage Grove Recreation Association until the project was in compliance with the requirements of the prevailing wage rate laws.

This month the Bureau of Labor and Industries, (BOLI) after reevaluating the project reversed their previous determination.

This is exactly what we have been saying from the beginning, City Manager Richard Meyers said. The provisions of the State Prevailing Wage Law are very clear, and the previous determination was a misinterpretation of the law and administrative rules.

If the project had been subject to State Prevailing Wage rates the costs for the project would have significantly exceeded the funds raised by Cottage Grove Recreation for the project. The City of Cottage Grove would have ultimately been responsible for back wages, costs and penalties associated with the project.

photo courtesy City of Cottage Grove
photo courtesy R. Meyers, City of Cottage Grove
After receiving a copy of the new determination letter from BOLI, the City removed the stop work order on the project allowing work to immediately resume. The City Manager reported the information to an excited City Council at the Monday, March 22nd City Council meeting.

The City is excited to have the project underway again, said Mayor Gary Williams. We look forward to the completion of the skate park for the youth of our community.

The Cottage Grove Skate Park Association and City of Cottage Grove have been pursuing the development of a local skate park since 1999. Once a location was selected on available property owned by the City fundraising began. The Skate Park Association began the fund-raising efforts and later joined with Cottage Grove Recreation Association to continue fundraising and to construct the skate park.