Forest Grove

June, 2002 the City of Forest Grove is working towards a new park.

For the latest information contact the

Armory Skate Shop
2541 23rd Ave
Forest Grove, OR


    A dilapidated wood and steel park, Forest Grove has been and continues to be well used in its fifth year.  Be careful of edges and tacks.

                                                      Very homemade.  If you have another ramp or box bring it by.  Note the nice mountain paintings on the far left quarter.

    Forest Grove is tucked away west of Portland, almost at the base of the coast range.  Depending  where you are coming from, there are several ways to approach Forest Grove.  Hwy 26 west to 217 south to 8 west works.  So does I-5 to 217 north to 8 west.  Or Hwy 26 to 47 south through Banks.
Look at a map for the best suited direction.
    Once in Forest Grove it is located in the northwest end of Lincoln Park.  Drive along the main drag and your bound to see it.

SkateOregon is now pleased to present the Adam Acosta show.

                                                               Adam still on his way up.                                                                      Two foot no footer.

                                                                                                    Somebody get him a contract, quick!