This park was started by three kids (Chris, Justin & Travis) back in 1989, but not built until about 10yrs later ~1999. They nagged and nagged the city to sponsor a skatepark. Chris presented their case in the summer of 1989 after raising over $500 of which the city matched and stated that they would get back to us with the results of what could be done for the kids of Hermiston that wanted a place to skate, because back then skateboarding was a crime in the herm. So after some time and we gave up because we were moving to other cities and moving on in life.
But then, years later, the city organized the funds as well as the city businesses and got donations to build this relatively decent skatepark for this small town of Hermiston. Now SKATEBOARDERs, INLINERs, and BMXers share it!

~ Cost unknown
~ Located behind right field fence of the HHS baseball field.
~ Quality steel ramps:
* HUGE LAUNCH RAMP w/angles landing,
* as well as its small counterpart.
~ BUT, the _ pipe is useless.
* Coping sticks too far out.
* Transitions are too tight.
* The bottom is bent up and barely skateable.
* In short ignore it is there.

Find the Hermiston High School or Hermiston Fire/Police Department and you can’t miss it behind the right field fence. If you're around there and can’t find it drop by the fire station and ask where it is. There nice guys..but be polite..you're in a small town.