Drew Gary Ottley Memorial Skate Park

Creators: Dreamland Skateparks (redevelopment)

Drew Ottley

Size: ~10,000 square feet (?)

Time: March 2006 (additions and dedicated), March, 2005 (redeveloped), 1995 (original)


Cost: ~$140,000

Rules: No bikes. Open dawn to dusk.

Facilities: Bathroom and fountain (elsewhere in park) and parking.

Location: Joe Dancer Park, 1650 SE Brooks Street, McMinnville, Oregon


Map: Mapquest Map


Jay Pearson
McMinnville Parks and Recreation
600 N.E. Evans Street
McMinnville, Oregon 97128
(503) 434-7359
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Jose Castillo

History: A local parks levy granted money to build several ball and soccer fields and two concrete parks. Dreamland was hired to redevelop the existing concrete park. Dreamland has previous park redevelopment experience in Bend.

The first park was the result of local effort and design. Some estimate $20,000, others estimate ~$50,000 as the cost of the park built in 1995. Someone said several other parks in the area: such as Salem and Sheridan copied the pyramid design.

Media: News Register has an excellent online archive dating back to 1999:

Drew Gary Ottley Memorial Skate Park memorial stones and plaque