Myrtle Point

Creators:  Designed by Eric Dawkins and Crow Clay & Associates; Built by Upper Valley Builders

Time:  October 2001

Size:   10,000

Cost: $205,000

Rules:  Bikes allowed but must cover pegs, helmets required.

Facilities:  Drinking fountain, no bathroom, Dawn to dusk.

Location:  1st and Spruce St

Directions:   I-5 or Hwy 101 to Hwy 42, West on Spruce St to 1st St.


Contact:   No website found

City Hall
424 5th St
Myrtle Point, Oregon
(541) 572-2626
Crow Clay Associates

Upper Valley Builders

History:  In 1998, some kids asked permission to put wood ramps on a tennis court in Myrtle Point.  The city said yes and it was such a success that the city council budgeted $2500 for the inquirey and proposal of  a skatepark.  Crow Clay & Associates of Coos Bay took up the idea and has provided a diverse and challenging design -one part of the park has a 16' change in elevation.
      By 2000 the city has $20,000 dedicated to the skatepark.
      Oregon State Parks has donated $36,000.
      The Ford Family Foundation (which also supported the Roseburg skatepark) has set up a challenge grant of $45,000.
      The challenge is to the kids of Myrtle Point to raise their own $5,000, which will then be multiplied 8 times by the Ford Family Foundation.
      The grand total is expected to be around $100,000.
       Donations are tax deductible, if you would like to contribute please contact Myrtle Point.

Overall:  A solid standard park.  7 out of 10


Dave Thom, back flip

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