Community Skate Ramp

    Something of a great secret (until now), the coastal town of Neahlem -population 280- has a covered, 8 and 5' u-bowl that could withstand a tsunami.  And though it has soft (worn) corners and some holes in it's top sheet, the frame and exterior are in excellent condition.  There is rumor that a new top sheet will be layed this summer.  I don't know who built it when, but believe it is several years old.

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                                                                                                                                                                    Always Skate With A Buddy

9th and B St., behind the Nehalem Bay Center.

  From Hwy 101, go north on 9th street.  There are signs for the "Fitness Center" and Tillamook Community College Nehalem Bay Center, follow them and you will find the u-bowl (horseshoe, half bowl, ?) in its parking lot, behind these buildings.  Go right again on B st. to pull into the parking lot.

"I'll go frontside.  You go fakie."  The Winsted Brothers on it, together.

Brandon is 7 years old.  That wall is 7' tall.  And that's a rock and roll!

Shoot hoops, climb trees, enjoy the sun.  Skateboarding in Nehalem.

Whoever built this did it extremely well.  It is bomb proof, smart, professional and solid.

"Don't worry about me, Ma.  I got my pads on."  Brandon taking the drop.

I don't know how old Bradley is, but he is younger than Brandon.  Watch for these guys in the next five years.   They'll be pro in two.
Thank you, Winsted Brothers and friends, for showing us the Nehalem Community Skate Ramp.