Chehalem Skate Park

    Newberg is the best skatepark on Earth, hands down.  It brings a new standard of creativity, flow and quality to skateparks. 

Here is the official word from the Chehalem Park and Recreation District:

A Little History

The Skate Park
    It began approximately two years ago with a petition from over two hundred middle school age youth asking the Chehalem Park and Recreation District to build a skate park.  Their main arguement was that they just wanted a place to skate and hang out.  The district listened.  An architect was hired and the skateboard park site was established at Ewing Young Park.  In July of 1999 underground work began with the drainage, electricity and water systems being set in place.  The site was roughed out, but the project was shut down in October to wait out the rains.  In March of 2000 expert finishers were hired that had a skating backround.  They tweaked the original design and completed what you see today, one of the largest and best skate parks in the world.

Park Facts
    29,000 square feet of skatable surface
    15 tons of re-bar
    Over 670 yards of concrete
    15,000 tons of base rock
    Total cost: $307,266.00 (includes $70,000 of donations)

BMX Track
    At about the same time the skate park was being built, teens were asking for a BMX track.  With the skate park already being planned for Ewing Young Park a bike track at the same site made sense.  Originally a small track was built with the help of community volunteers and Zack & Lisa Hebert who operate Bear Tracks BMX.  Since the site was so popular, a grant was written by the Chehalem Park and Recreation District to build a Nationally Sanctioned course.  The Park District was awarded the $5,000.00 grant from the National Recreation and Park Association.  A professional track builder was brought in and after five days at moving thousands of tons of dirt the track was completed.  The track is now ready for local and national races as well as just recreational drop in riding and racing.

    Steve Stachurskiis the Park Caretaker.  As Keepers of the Gate, it is a good custom to bring the Stachurskis a gift when visiting Newberg.  They live in the house next to the park.

The Dragon Rail eats people every day.  Age, experience and equipment matter not.

Tavita Scanlan slays it. 

This is the most significant structure ever built in the world of skateboarding.
The yellow puck spins freely.

Props to the Chehalem Park and Recreation District for such a great and complete package.

Andy Todd from McMinnville, k-grind.

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