Local kids raised enough money entirely on their own (zero city funding) to build a concrete park in 1999.  It has a launch ramp, curbs, a box and a pyramid.

    Ontario is on the border of Oregon and Idaho.
    Nest to the Ontario Aquatic Center, 790 SW 3rd Ave (just north of the intersection of SW 7th Street and Hwy 201).

  From Hwy 30, take the Hwy 30 Business Route and go west on W. Idaho Ave.  Go about 8 blocks (over R.R, tracks) and then left/south on SW 2nd Street.  At 3rd Ave, turn right/west  and go to the Aquatic Center.

  From in town,  take Hwy 201, a.k.a. 4th Ave, to 7th Street and turn north.  The Aquatic Center is right there.

Skaters of Albany also raised their own park without the help of city money.
Congratulations, Ontario Skaters, for raising your own park.