Oregon City


Creators:  Purkiss Rose designed and Robert Johnson built

Time:  January 2001

Size: 10,000 (?)

Cost: Approx $200,000

Rules:  Bikes allowed, helmets required.


Location:  Clackamette Park, on the other side of the Gladstone Bridge, where the Willamette and the Clackamas Rivers meet.



City Contact:  ORCity.org

Jim Row is the man at Oregon City Parks and Recreation.
City Hall at (503) 657-0891 can patch you through.

Sandy Ormandy, owner of Ollies Skateboards, is also a good contact.

Ollies Skateboards
616 Main St
Oregon City

(503) 557-1713

History:  The Oregon City website has an excellent page on their skate park:  http://www.orcity.org/parks-and-recreation/skate-park/index.html

Overall:  A costly park, little challenge, lacks flow, structures crammed together.