Sandy skatepark

Creators: Community built

Opened: July 3rd, 2000

Size: ~10,000 square feet

Description: Concrete Bowls, volcano, pyramid with rails, a couplepump bumps and some nice hips.

Location: Cedar Ridge Middle School on Meinig Road in NE Sandy.

Directions: From Hwy 26, go north on Meinig Rd (westbound= Cheveron, eastbound =Joe's Donut Shop -red and white checkered). The park is at the bottom of the hill on the left.

Map: map

Cost: ~$20,000 (very rough estimate)

Hours: Sunrise - Sunset

Rules: Open access (bikes, scooters, inline skates, and skateboards allowed)

Facilities: Adjacent to football/soccer field.


City of Sandy
39250 Pioneer Blvd.
Sandy, OR 97055



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