On dry days the park sees a lot of use.  Check the carver in the U-bowl.

Creators:  Buzzy Morales  + Army Corp of Engineers.  "It is a facility that owes its existence to the persistent and unflagging efforts of a small core of educators and students of our community." website

Time:  August 1999

Size:  ~ 2000

Cost: $90,000

Rules:  Helmets required

Facilities:  Police Department

Location:  Northwest of Portland about 20 miles, Scappoose is on Highway 30 along the Columbia River.  The park is on the north/east side of Hwy 30, right in front of the Police station and City Hall.

Directions:  Look west while driving through town.


City Contact:   Scappoose

History:  Here is an interesting article about the skatepark as the City's first recreational facility in 80 years:

Overall:  The concrete work came apart after a year or so, making the u-bowl sketchy.  The pyramid is way too steep.  The facility is too short (in height not length).  I think its location is the worst ever.  Right in front of the Police Station and visible from every angle in town, I believe this sends a message of no trust to the youth of Scappoose.  It is healthy for kids to have a semi secluded spot to let them do their thing.

The pyramid is so steep, people blunt slide down its edge.  The near quarterpipe is about 5' tall.

 The halfpipe is 6', not coped and has bubbles in its transition; i.e. kids learning on this one are going to tough.

The U-bowl would be much more functional if someone took out the fencing (it's too close).

This is a beautiful piece of iron work over the entrance.  That is love.