SkateOregon understands the difficulties of balancing academics with Spring weather. Thus we have developed the Spring Time Allocation Series to assist efforts to lessen classroom study and library research and increase real-field development of skateboarding. This series will release several scientific skateboarding studies throughout the Spring of 2003. Each of the Spring Time Allocation Series will be available as Ready Made Reports and be presented with Guest Peers at skate parks throughout the state.


Spring Time Allocation Series:

The Idaho Circle MNS Project -"The Number"
release date: 4/12/03

Downhill Velocity and Impact Research
-"More Than A Speeding Bullet"
release date: 6/6/03


OSP Public Mapping
-"GIS and Oregon Skate Parks"
release date: Summer


Mission Statement: SkateOregon Swift Science is a support system designed to increase knowledge of and time spent skateboarding.


"Ready Made Reports™ We do the research, you do the skating."

Ready Made Reports™ may be reprinted for academic purposes only.
Commercial reproduction in part or whole is strictly forbidden.