Sk8 Wally World

but there is a new park in the works. Get involved:

     In a large, blue, corrugatedbuilding, behind the Seaside elementary school, you will find a funky oldwooden vert ramp of Wallys.  Well designed and  mostly intact,this twelve year old 8-5 by 20 foot half pipe is a ripper.  It isrun by Sunset Empire Parks and Recreation, open to the public and has insidea working stereo.  Pump bumps sandwich a spine which elevates from4 to 5'.  One wall has a 5' connected to a 7' quarter pipe. The other wall has a middle of 5' and two flanking walls, one being the8 foot "vamp ramp" (according to graffitti) with two feet of solid vert. If you want to learn how to ride vert, go Sk8 Wally World in Seaside.

Here is the official word from Sunset Empire Parks andRecreation on Sk8 Wally World:

    Designed by local surfer and world-classskateboarder, Tom Inouye; built with the help of local skaters, Sk8 WallyWorld was opened in 1991. The 30' by 50' by 12' wooden skate park has alaunching area that drops into an 8' half pipe. A cross- over transitiontakes you into another half pipe with a 12' vertical wall. You can transferbetween the two half pipes or grind the coping. The park is constructedof wood with a fast masonite surface, and is housed allowing year-rounduse. The park is for skateboarders and inline skaters as well (no bikes). A police officer shuts it down nightly at 10:00 pm.

Joe Soller's indy from the outside.

  Just a few blocks east of downtown Seaside andnext to Sunset Empire Parks and Recreation.

.    .
Joe tail tap over the spine.                                                                                               James Howard after a long 50-50.  Look at the vert on the vamp ramp.

  From Hwy 101, go east on Broadway. The intersection of 101 and Broadway is at the McDonalds, just northof the Safeway and is signed as Roosevelt and Broadway.  Easton Broadway and in less than a block on your left you will see a parkinglot between the school and the Park and Recs building, park there and goin the blue building.

Jeff Jackson frontide ollie for a great portrait.

  Bikes not allowed.
  The masonite is well worn so screw heads protrude. To avoid getting chunked, look for these before you ride.

.    .
Jeff keeping to a 50-50.                                                                         Joe likes long five-ohs.

  Sunset Empire Parks and Recreation

 1140 Broadway Seaside, Oregon
Phone: 503-738-3311    Fax: 503-738-3284
Mailing Address: PO Box 514  Seaside, OR 97138

Too fast for the camera.                                                                                      James tail tap transfer over the spine.  Check the elevation in coping(right to left).

James backside five-oh for another nice portrait.                                           Five Oh Joe, smith grind.

Joe again.                                                                                              No Golf.

The place has a working stereo, which these guys had playingsome great skate rock.

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