Silverton Skatepark Committee

Silverton is working on a new park. Contact the City or Jason Franz, (503) 873-0977 or Bryan Cosgrove, (503) 874-2205 and get involved.

City Council Meetings

"Parkdale Park Development
Russ Dilley said we did not receive the Tony Hawk grant, so we won't be able move forward with the skate park, due to lack of funding. Russ talked to Marilyn Lipencot on the phone and she sent an email saying as long as the park is open, inviting, and pleasing to the public and has a sign (which it does) then it is acceptable by state parks as a park. Jeff said there was $15,000 budgeted for this park so we could put in a half basketball court and a picnic table if we choose to do that and eventually, put in a skate park. Tanya said there is room for playground equipment when funds are available. There have been problems with the wetlands and destruction of the newly planted trees, despite the fact that Stephens School has taken it over as a school project."
February 22, 2007
"Mr. Franz asked about the progress of the skate park being developed. City Manager Cosgrove stated the skate park discussion will be included as a part of the Parks Master Plan update process."
June 4, 2007

Newspaper Editorial

Letís all rally around getting a skate park

Appeal Tribune
March 9

If the growing support for a skate park in Silverton has not been evident yet, one needed look no further than to the Silverton Elks Lodge Saturday night, where two bands from Silverton and two from Salem performed for free, donating all the proceeds to benefit a skate park being built in town.

There were more than 200 people in attendance, packed into the confines of the home of the gracious Elks, who also donated the use of their facility toward the cause.

The crowd was not just the 15-and-under crew that we see boarding all over town. Rather, there were moms and dads, college, high school, middle school and elementary school students, young professionals, fellow musicians and the like, all in attendance and all in support of building a skate park in Silverton.

Itís been in the news now for quite some time, ever since the fantastic YMCA-driven Extreme Sports Center closed down nearly four years ago.

The momentum of late, however, has dwindled. Itís time we resurface the obvious need for Silverton.

In the most recent city survey, 51 percent of Silverton residents who responded said they wanted to see more park space. Of all the respondents, 42 percent said they wanted to see a skate park.

Moreover, 73 percent of all respondents said they would support development of an outdoor skate park if it could be funded through private donations and grant monies.

Thatís nearly half of Silverton who would like to see one and nearly 3/4 of the town who want it paid for privately.

There are many options to pursue when discussing how the park could be funded. Despite the concertís resounding success, $800 doesnít get skateboarders very far. The estimated cost is in the ballpark of $250,000 when design work and construction costs are factored.

There are many substantial private grants which could be utilized for design and materials costs, and with the growing support there should be enough willing help in town to lend a hand with the construction portion.

But it is not going to happen if we sit back and do nothing.

We applaud the four bands, the Elks, and the 200-plus people for voicing your support. Silverton needs a skate park.

We need to tirelessly go after all the grants necessary to make this happen.

Letís get the ball rolling again and enable the half of our community who supports a skate park to have a positive place to vent their energy.

Slightly more than half of the survey respondents in 2001 voiced their support for a new and improved city swimming pool and look what happened.

Itís going to take a lot of community support, so letís attack it together. And letís do it now.

To find out more about the Silverton skate park, contact Jason Franz, (503) 873-0977 or Bryan Cosgrove, (503) 874-2205.

Thanks to Chad Balcom for finding and posting this article.

This park featured below no longer exists.

YMCA Extreme Sports

  There is a skating and bmx facility available for a fee.

    YMCA Extreme Sports  (503) 874-9700

  Off 213, behind the Wilco Famer's Gas Station.

  Non-member    $4
  Member            $3
  Punch card        $15 for 10 sessions

Ride your neighboring town skateparks for free.