Creators: Purkiss Rose - RSI designed. ? built.

Opened: May, 2003

Cost: ?

Size: ?

Location: 1276 G Street

SkateOregon has not visited Springfield, yet. The photos here are courtesy of Willamlane Park and Recreation District.

Tony Hawk goes for the rail.


Brian Sumner, kick flip over or onto the rail. LOOK at the crowd!! That is deep.




Old Communication:

I spoke with Barb on May 3, 2001.
    Willamalane Park and Recreation District just recieved the final design from Purkiss Rose.  The design came from two meetings between Purkiss Rose and about 200 kids from Springfield!  The Task Force had visited other parks and the general argreement was to build a technical and street oriented skate park -as oppose to a vert park.  Cal Young might be a good comparison as it too is tech/street and only a shade smaller than the proposed 11,500 square foot park of Springfield.
    The Willamalane Park and Recreation District is estimating the park budget of $300,000.  The community has already pledged about half of that in financial and material support.  Barb is gearing up for a big fund drive this summer.
    Willamalane has also submitted a $150,000 matching grant proposal to State Parks and Recreation.  They hope to hear from the State in July.
    Springfield remains on schedule with an ultimate goal of opening the park in the Spring of 2002.
    The City of Springfield is not contributing to the skate park.  Skating is illegal in the streets but not on the sidewalks.

The contact person for the Task Force is Barb Zentner at Willamalane Park and Recreation District
(541) 736-4044

Willamalane Park and Recreation District