Stayton City Council Meeting Minutes
April 2, 2007

Question: Why doesn't the plan include a trail system or park amenities for bikes or skateboarders, and can the plan be amended to add them?

Answer: Mr. Ray Bartlett [Economic Financial Analyst assumably for Home Builders Association] stated that the linear parks would accommodate those types of uses. Mr. Mike Faught [City of Stayton Public Works Director] stated that page 10 includes a future skate park on the outskirts of town. Too many folks have stated that they do not want skate parks in their backyard.

Stayton City Council Meeting Minutes
February 17, 2004

Mayor Aboud
Councilor LeMark
Councilor Thompson
Councilor Koenig


b. Order of Denial - File #1-07/03 (Locust St. Skate Park Site Plan)

     MOTION: From Councilor Koenig, seconded by Councilor LeMark, to approve the Consent Agenda in its entirety. Motion passed 3:0.

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