The Dalles
The Benjamin Rockwell Memorial Skatepark
Est. 1998

The park's condition was no longer safe.

Funds were raised by locals and city alike with a final cost $28,000.

Quick directions
    From I-84 eastbound take exit #84 and go up West 2nd street (east).  The park is just east of Safeway and Ernest.  Parking is not encouraged next to the buildings, but there is a lot in Thompson Park (swimming pool in backround of above photo).
     From I-84 westbound take exit #85 and head west.  Find 2nd street and follow it until you see the skatepark or Safeway or Ernest, the park is on the east side of them.

.             .
Eric Flores heel grab.                                                                    David early grabs.

.                   .
Brain Brown with a good 50-50.                                                                Jimmy "The Bird" going for a 360 flip.    Check Mt. Hood.


.                                 .
   Eric stalls on the spine.                                                                             Brian railslides.
.    .
Unknown grabs over the spine.                                                  Jeff Kline with a one footed sole on the fly.

Shane with an indy off the 6' quarter.

  The Dalles Chamber of Commerce      (541) 296-2231

  City of The Dalles                         (541) 296-5481

  Parks and Recreation                      (541) 296-9533

.    .
Alex gives it a crazy grind.                                                                   Randall with determination over the spine
.                .
Jimmy flippin out and sliding around.

Brian railslide overview.

.  ..  .
Patrick prepping for the contest, ollie over the box.                  Jimmy flip.              Unknown over the box with Mt. Hood in the backround right.
. .. .
Unknown five oh.                                                    Brian 50-50 again.                                                  David with a 180 ollie.

Here is the original homepage for The Dalles B. Rockwell Skatepark:

Unknown going over the box.

Brian likes that ledge.

.            .
Fun indeed.                                                                                                                                 Unknown little brother letting loose.

Not pictured: Pat Clark and Ray Benbow.

On Sunday I left my notebook with everybodys' names in Hood River.  Please e-mail me your name.

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