West Linn

When Ken Warner first spoke about the City's park, the mission was a world class skate park. Community meetings were held and a design decision was made with which I sorely disagreed. Halfway through the project, I wrote off West Linn's future park; I thought any chance of a world class skate park was shot. But then word came around that Grindline had been hired to build the park. Ah ha, Ken was on it, world class was back in view! The West Linn skate park is the Little Engine that Could! It is an wonderful come back story for the history book of Oregon skate parks.

Congratulations and gratitude to the City of West Linn, Ken Warner, West Linn Skate Park Committee and Grindline for a world class skate park.

The following photos were taken January 18, 2003. It was a day of non-stop sessions. Families to old men to women to children to youngin's on the up and up.

I was lazy and did not take down names as I should have, my apologies. If you appear or know someone on the following pages, please send me a name. Thank you."

West Linn bird's eye

Blane Nuttall and Bret Taylor
Bret Taylor watches Blane Nuttall kickflip the stairs.

Jessica Starkweather
Jessica Starkweather grinding the clam shell (9' over-vert). Yea!

Jon Weatherall with a clean flip to fakie.

Dave Hupp
Dave Hupp didn't make this particular blunt, but did another.

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