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    The following is a summary from Steve Schooler recieved May 26, 2002.
    The City of Klamath Falls is finally on track with the rest of the planet.  They're going to build a skatepark.  The City has scheduled the park to be built by some of the finest skatepark creators in the world.  This park is promising to be one of the premier skateparks in the country.  Construction is intended to start late this summer, awesome; the skaters of Klaamath Falls deserve the finest park in Southern Oregon.
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I wrote the city of Klamath Falls inquiring about a skatepark. The city wants to build one, but they have budget concerns.  What the city really wants is for a group in the community to stand up and go to it.  Almost every park in Oregon is a result of community action. The City of Klamath Falls will support such an effort.  My lord, if you live in Klamath Falls, please go for it.  Everything is ready, someone just needs to throw the green flag.  Here is the response in full:

May 23, 2000

In response to your inquiry regarding skate parks in the City of Klamath

The City Council recently adopted the Parks, Recreation and Open Space
Master Plan which includes a proposal for the development of a skate park
under the heading of Special Recreation Facility Proposals. The following
is an excerpt from the document: There has been considerable discussion in
Klamath Falls about the need for skateboard/in-line skating and ice-skating
facilities. Most communities are dealing with skateboarders who use
sidewalks, streets and other inappropriate areas. Many skateboard parks
have been developed with good success.

Of some concern is whether skateboarding and in-line skating are fads that
will lose interest in the future. Locating a suitable site is also
difficult because most residents do not like them near their home. Since
most of the users are youth below the driving age, a convenient location is
mandatory. This precludes a remote site. There are several possible
options. One possibility is to lease an abandoned commercial property and
provide portable ramps. This approach has the advantage of low capital
outlay and if/when the interest is gone, the lease could be turned back to
the property owner. Another option would be to locate a facility at the
proposed Youth Sports Complex. The disadvantage is that it may be some time
before this site is developed and it would not be conveniently located for
the majority of users. Another option is locating the facility at the
National Guard Armory building that is proposed as an indoor space after
decommission. Two final options would be to locate the facility at the
Moore Park Marina or at Veteran's Memorial Park or Expansion.

The City Parks Division's budget has been drastically reduced over the
years and as a result maintenance of existing parks and facilities has
taken precedence over the construction or acquisition of new facilities.
The City is willing to work with community groups or other agencies to
develop a skate park if such a group came forward.

If you have any other questions or would like to discuss this response,
please contact me.

Sandra Zaida
City Planner

(541) 883-5361     Fax: 883-5390

City of Klamath Falls Planning Department
P.O. Box 237
Klamath Falls, OR  97601

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