Don't hire Purkiss Rose to design your skate park.
They are the most prolific skatepark designer in the country (world?) and yet they continue to yield lame facilities as late as 2002.

Research on their parks finds a long list of mediocrity and obsolete skate parks. California is a good example. SkateOregon associates Purkiss-Rose with expensive skate parks as well.

Why are they hired so often?
Purkiss Rose knows city politics very well. They make the sale with slick presentations and promises of goodness.

Where are some Purkiss-Rose skate parks in Oregon?
Tualatin - conflicting traffic patterns, little challenge
Oregon City - cramped and boring
La Grande - huge amount of wasted space, replicated structures and low challenge.

Here is the first page of an open letter to Purkiss Rose asking them to re-evaluate their principles of design and mission. The letter read aloud at the Donald Open Session 2002 and then signed by 100 people in attendance.